“His skill is only paralleled by his commitment to his clients. Neil spends considerable time working with each of his couples to capture their wedding day story.”

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Eternal Images Continued...

Eternal Images Photography Ltd was founded in October 2012. I had covered many weddings before setting up the business but only as a second shooter for experience and invested in learning from the best in the wedding industry, two years of training had lead to this point…my first booking March 2013. Truth is, I didn’t know walking up the wedding venue for the first time as lead photographer what was going to happen that day or the next. I just knew if I didn’t try, I would regret not having tried at all.

I have now covered over 160 weddings as Eternal Images Photography Ltd. I also covered my first destination wedding in France, May 2018 which was a big milestone for the business…I loved every moment of it! However, my proudest achievement comes from client recommendations. My past clients are so delighted with the authentic imagery captured from their wedding that they recommend us to their friends and family. That to me is the best sense of achievement you can receive when owning your own business and why I work hard to provide images that each of my clients can treasure for a lifetime over. I am an old romantic at heart, documenting those precious moments that will become your memories. My aim is to supply you with images that will make you smile, laugh and cry happy tears as you share my images – your memories, of your wedding with your family and friends.

I do offer a second photographer as an optional extra to my service, in order to maintain my high standard of work I only have a selection of professionals I work with who know my shooting style and work ethic. If you opt for a second photographer, like me, they too will provide coverage for the whole day.

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Behind The Lens with an Award Winning Wedding Photographer...

My Husband: The Professional Wedding Photographer You only have to chat to Neil for a moment to know he is convinced you can only provide award winning wedding photography successfully if you enjoy capturing the connections between people – those one-off moments that make storytelling through a camera lens such a dynamic and purposeful career. Eternal Images award winning wedding photography was founded on the ethos that we would provide our clients with a fusion of candid wedding images combined with the creative bride and groom only portraits.
Neil uses natural light and off camera flash techniques to produce those ‘wow’ wedding photography images that Eternal Images is commended for. His passion for creating thought-provoking wedding images means that the first two years establishing Eternal Images was a challenge. His dedication overcame the uncertainty of venturing into the world of professional wedding photography. Hours turned into months and then into years as he enrolled in wedding photography training to develop his skills, working as a second shooter and trialling the latest techniques with other multi-award winning photographers across the UK.
This meant that he started to receive first-class critique and recognition from the Professional Guild of Photographers early on in his career. I would like to add at this point, this was all achieved while he continued to work full time in his old role as he built the reputation of Eternal Images. He says he couldn’t have done without the support from his closest family and friends.
So six years on does he work for himself now? I am delighted to say Yes! One thing I have learnt working in the wedding industry is that you have to be passionate and determined. Neil is so dedicated to his clients that he regularly works late, he edits his own work (rather than sending his images to be edited by a company) so a wedding can take him around 40+hours of editing each individual image. There is all the behind the scenes business processes such as emails, updating social media, client consultations, maintaining our website, wedding fairs, pre-shoots, accounting and individual album designs to name a few.
However, he will always say to me “I am one of the privileged few that can say I am honoured to work in a role that I am both skilled and passionate about.” Neil has now provided professional wedding photography coverage to over 150 clients. His dedication to each wedding is successfully illustrated in both the clarity of his photographic style and glowing client feedback. It is this such feedback and the artistic direction that has won him Photographer of the Year in 2015 and 2017.
You may say I am biased as Neil is my husband but I do hope this section gives you insight into the man behind the lens and the award-winning photography coverage you are considering investing in. Written by Natalie. Senior

Neil & Natalie