Wedding Photographer On Your Wedding Day

Your story will remain with you for the rest of your lives which is why as your wedding photographer I am committed to preserving those memories for you. Photographing your special day is just the beginning of your journey as my clients. Before your wedding, I will respond to your questions and consult with you regarding any aspect of your wedding.

During your wedding day, my assistant and I work unobtrusively capturing your wedding as it unfolds. We will document events naturally, providing striking and emotive images that capture the essence and sentiment unique to every wedding. As your wedding photographer, I will also collaborate with you both to integrate a selection of bride and groom WOW images too

After Your Wedding

I post-produce each individual image so that it can evoke a wonderful memory in the story of your wedding day. These images are then uploaded to your gallery for viewing – every image in your online wedding gallery will be supplied to you - with a license to copyright for printing etc. After viewing your wedding images if you wish to purchase an optional wedding album this is when you will choose the images that will be placed into your chosen Folio album.


A Lifetime of Memories

Choosing to hire professional wedding photography means that it is not only the 'wow' photos of you and your partner your investing in.Wedding Photography is about capturing those unique moments, it’s about being able to relive your wedding day through beautiful photos, those moments you didn’t even know happened, seeing the excitement and emotion on the faces of the your family and friends, and, above all, having a story that you both will treasure forever.