December 1, 2019

      Sustainable Photography Packaging: UK Sourced.

      Wedding Photography Packaging: Sustainable & Sourced within the UK

      Hopefully having navigated my website you know at this point that I’m a wedding photographer. Part of what I do involves writing about my photography, my style, the way I work on the day, how I interact with my clients, getting to know them during their engagement shoot etc. This I have no trouble blogging. I do love a good wedding and I have amazing couples who book me I can’t wait to introduce you to, for your own wedding inspiration.
      That was until I sat down to write this post and realised how do I make a google ranking write up that you would actually read on a topic, wait-for it… my wedding packaging.
      It would appear I’m not off to a bad start if you are still reading this. New year meant it was time to shake up my wedding photography packaging as I wanted it to reflect my business ethos and new branding. At this point I would like to stress it is important to concentrate on the photographic style and overall post production when choosing your wedding photographer. Wedding packaging is important, but it is the images amongst the ribbon, box, prints and surprises that should take centre stage. After-all your memories become more precious over time, and your wedding photographs will become the only way to revisit your amazing day years from now.
      Below I have outlined which end wedding products you can expect to receive from me and why I have chosen to include them.
      The Wooden Heart-shaped USB: It’s sourced from the UK from a sustainable supplier and the romantic in me wanted it to be heart-shaped.  Another thumbs up for this particular device is that you will eagerly plug into your computer, TV or other devices reliving those moments from your epic wedding day without the need for an adaptor. In an age were downloading is second nature to everyone. I personally feel its important that after your wedding you have a physical end product that is also portable making it easy to showcase your images to family and friends.
      Surprise Fine Art Textured Prints: I also give clients a surprise collection of quality fine art prints. Although of course as a photographer I embrace new technology and the latest gadgets to help with my on the day workflow. It is very important to me as your wedding photographer to showcase a selection of your wedding images in this tangible high end format. I can still remember the excitement, I would feel picking up photo prints from a lab back in the day.  Viewing photos in print format is a different experience than viewing them on screen, there is a different feel and vitality to paper as opposed to pixel. Its also a wonderful way to show your wedding memories on the wall at home so you, your family and friends can enjoy them.
      Personalised Cotton USB Bag: Inline with using UK businesses with a sustainable ethos. This cotton USB bag is used as a protector for your USB. It comes fully personalised with your names, venue and wedding date printed on the front. There’s a few more items included in your wedding mailer but I would like to leave those as surprises.
      I am really looking forward to delivering this packaging to my wedding clients from Spring 2020.
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      invest in your wedding: award winning photography service
      invest in your wedding: award winning photography service

      Additional Purchase

      Folio Wedding Albums: A very important product that can be purchased after your wedding day is a fine art wedding album. This is the ultimate way to showcase your wedding photos. Again its all about having a tangible product that you and future generations can enjoy for years to come. I am proud to use Folio albums, their attention to detail and craftsmanship is second to none. They are simply put… amazing and I wouldn’t want to use anyone else. Not only do they offer the highest quality products but they are a UK supplier with a sustainable and eco friendly business ethos at their core.  I love the fact they have an environmentally conscious attitude in their business approach.